Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ok so we need a group tutorial on when to use the "like" feature on status.

1. If someone writes "ughhh i just got dumpedd and my grandmaaa dieeeeddd thisss suckz" - totally appropriate to click on "like".

2. If someone writes "rock it sonia sotomayor, just hang in there one more day" - totally appropriate to click on "like".

3. If someone writes "I want a toasted buttered bagel...", what the fuck is there to like? I think its pretty obvious that bagels are delicious, sure, but NO ONE CARES whether or not you specifically like bagels.

Thanks to Casey K. for the submission (if you were a status, Casey, I would "like" you).


  1. Yeah. I posted something about my kitten dying yesterday and someone "liked" it. Dumbass.

  2. I'd like you right back ;)