Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok. Before I say anything about this tragedy in a vest, let it be known that I feel sorry for the little guy*. We've all been through shitty break-ups. Difference is, we don't parade our emo-pain-mania all over the intra-web.

I can't even take how annoying this guy is. First of all, "..." does not equal a dramatic pause. Secondly, you want someone to take your heart "far away so that [you] can't feel it anymore"? Over it. And finally, just to reiterate his subtle point, he notes that "this seriously hurts...can't eat..."

Go grab a tube of cookie dough and stay under the covers for a few days (and off of facebook) so that we all don't have to share in your mind-numbing and annoying pain.

*I also admit that I had to remove all the comments because this post would have been 17 pages long, but trust me, the comments were just as lame as the status'.


  1. what a douche. I feel sorry for his ex

  2. It would have helped if he'd put up a not-so-happy profile pic.

  3. i would like to request updates on gabriel's status -- will he eat? will he stop crying?
    inquiring minds need to know!

  4. shut the hell up... we have all been through bad break ups... but grow some cahones! and face that beast in the face! like a man! whus...

  5. face the beast in the face? way to be redundant kyle