Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have heard people older than me complain that Generation Y is full of ego-centric Me-Me-Me-ers who have been told that they are perfect, have been coddled their whole lives, and have no experience of disappointment. This post is a reminder that that is true. Adam was under the impression that everyone wanted to hear every detail about his American Idol audition. I know, right? But get this: he was sort of right. I didn't post all the comments to the last post -- there were too many. ("Congrats for putting yourself out there, and going for it dude. That's what really counts. Peace man." and "hey! so unfair.. your music is amazing, you will be an great singer.. you will see.. Good luck!!") Nobody said: "You are a tool and I'm sick of hearing about you," which is what I'm assuming lots of people were thinking. I know I was.

So what does this say about Facebook? We all create profiles, where we can control everything -- the pictures of us, the information about us, our status updates, and everything that we want others to know about us. (Adam asks us to "please keep the questions of detail to a very minimum" but assures us that he kicked ass.) When you look at someone's profile, you aren't getting to know the real them, you are getting to know the version of them that they want you to see. And we all tell eachother we are awesome, even when we aren't. Adam thinks he is awesome, even though he isn't. He has surrounded himself with enablers. I'm sorry to bring up MJ again, but isn't that how he died?

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