Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hey, did you guys hear that Michael Jackson died? Me too. Two hundred times. I couldn't go on Facebook for two days. 

It's not that I didn't enjoy MJ's music and he died very young. That's a shame. I know for many people, it was his music that played during important moments. But registering grief on Facebook still makes no sense to me. The thing about "connectivity" through Facebook and Twitter is that it's just a nice way of saying that everyone is shouting to be heard, no one is listening and they're all saying the same thing. 

This reaction and inundation was completely predictable. Some people made tasteless jokes and others quoted song lyrics while professionals dug into Jackson's life to give us more to feed on. Don't people ever get tired of being manipulated and profited off of?

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  1. my personal favorite is that mess Dawn who can only muster: "omggg MICHAELLLLLLLLLLL!".


  2. - Comedian Jon LaJoie calls out the MJ hypocrites