Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Is it heartless of me to think this update is annoying? I think about my Grandma too, on special days, and have my own private rituals to honor and remember her. But that's private. This seems more like a Public Service Announcement that Peter is a sensitive guy, and it's totally working. Chicks love this stuff, and at it isn't a stretch to imagine that at least 16 of them saw this update and wanted to start ripping their panties off for Peter. He'd make such a great dad!

(This was a great reader submission. Thanks! Keep 'em comin', guys!)


  1. i love zee's comment the best...

  2. Good god, I'm bewildered by all the pricks and their dead grandmothers. My Grandmas dead. I miss her. But shit, if she were alive and she found out I talked about her on the Internet, she'd throw her goddamned half-empty can of Budweiser at me.