Monday, July 6, 2009


How many times have we had to talk about Facebook eulogies being inappropriate? But does anybody listen? Noooo.

As our anonymous submitter pointed out, Elinor is saying some sweet things here to a friend who passed. But Elinor is also smoking in bed in her photo. Now, I don't smoke but if I did I might do it in bed with a red silk bathrobe on. It's luxurious even if it's a leading cause of house fires (don't say you weren't warned!). Anyways, the point is I'm not condemning Elinor for her photo -- it's the combination. Is this not the perfect example of why you shouldn't write letters to the deceased in the same place you post your drunk/ nude photos and tell your biatch friend to call your cell?

Need I ever explain this again? Sigh. Yes, probably.

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