Monday, July 27, 2009


I don't know about you, but on Friday my feed was flooded with girls peeing their pants, crying, and letting God only knows what other bodily fluids flow when they saw this crappy wedding procession video. The dancing is pretty lame-ass, but lots of girlies I know will go gaa-gaa over anything wedding related. Which is annoying. Also annoying is the abundance of wall shout-outs this video received. I would have thought that the fifty-seventh person who posted it would have realized that her friends would have seen it already, but no. Was anyone else annoyed? Or were you guys sitting there in tears, envisioning what moves you'd bust out during your own wedding procession?


  1. Surely a song by Chris Brown, alleged spouse-beater, is not a good song to ring your marriage in with?

  2. It's truly frightening the number of people who actually thought this was a cool idea. But this video did make me cry a little also... for the sad state of humanity and the horror that is You Tube.