Monday, March 23, 2009

What Makes A Status Annoying

With the dawn of Facebook came new ways to check up on your ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend and efficient ways to invite people to parties. But then Facebook was indecent enough to ask 'What's on your mind?"

As it turns out, it's the people least qualified to have thoughts that most often share them. There are several types of annoying status updates:

1. The Smug-and-in-Love status.
2. The TMI status. Ew.
3. The Angst status. Emo song lyrics and rhetorical questions for everyone!
4. The status where you think you're showing off how funny and original you are but... you aren't. I.e, the "William is" status (So existential!) or that hilarious quote from the Office. (Seriously, everyone watches that show. We heard it the first time.)
5. That thing where you pretend like you're making conversation but actually you're just bragging.

There are many more annoying statuses out there. And they must be tagged and mocked.

1 comment:

  1. Anything that goes Dear____, I hate them all. Dear Facebook, Dear Mom, Dear Planet Earth... NOT FUNNY!