Monday, August 31, 2009


Wow, if busyness is any sign of how awesome you are, then Bryan is super-de-duperly awesome!

But it's not. So that means Bryan is just an enormous tool face.

IN CASE we were to think he wasn't invited to parties (PLURAL), in CASE we were to believe that he would only get ONE lovely drink with Robert, in CASE we were to think he would only dance for a a FEW hours into the night, in CASE we were to think he has doesn't have church priorities and things to do, Bryan has clarified this for us.

This has got to me one of MY least favorite flavors of annoying statuses. We're dancin' and drinkin', too, Bryan. We just aren't full of ourselves enough to brag about it.

And a note to Cricket: stop egging Bryan on. This kind of behavior should not be encouraged. (Thanks for the submission, K!)