Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sorry this is so difficult to read. The content of the message is unimportant. You only need to see the part where Joe says, "MY BDAY IS TOMORROW!" And then will not. shut. up. about it. (And in some sort of sick Facebook malfunction, his first post kept on repeating itself on my update feed. By the end of the day, I wanted to give Joe a birthday punch in the ball sack.)

I hope to continue receiving quarterly updates on Joe's birthday status. ("I'M 24 3/4 TOMORROW!") Because you know that's the kind of guy Joe is.

Instead of ball sack socking Joe, let's send warm birthday smoochies to Tex, a part of the Walter triumvirate. Because it is her birthday TODAY. And THAT, my friends, is something I actually give a damn about.

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