Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sheri: I love cherries.

Meg: Oh yea? Well I eat them every day.

Sheri: Oh yea? Well I eat other fruit, too and that's ALL I EAT.

Meg: I'm President of Fruit Land.

Sheri: I invented fruit and I'm Czar of Fruit Planet.

Meg: My DNA is composed entirely of vitamins and fruit.

John: I love black cherry soda!

Meg: John, you are going to hell.

I don't think this conversation is over. Will John have a comeback? Will someone else join in on this fucking mind-blowingly ridunculous atrocity of a conversation? Unfortunately, I won't find out because this was a reader submission, (THANKS, L!) so I am left to dream about what will happen next. Any ideas?


  1. I love you for the commentary

  2. fyi vitamins have shards of glass in them. and do these people really feel like crap when they eat things other than fruit? i've never heard shit as ridiculous as this...except on this site.

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