Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sometimes after I've looked at the three profiles on Facebook that I still care about, I still need to waste more time on the Internet. That's usually when I start looking at the profiles of hot people. I flip through the pictures of them in bikinis with their sexy significant others, where they're kissing and telling each other they're hot until I feel very dissatisfied with my life. It's just this thing that I do.

I get the feeling that Kelly sometimes feels dissatisfied with her life too, or did before she found true luv. I can tell because she can't stop talking about her boyfriend -- yes, it has the opposite effect as intended. I'm smelling the reek of overcompensation here.


  1. "before she found true luv."

    i'm dying. why r ppl always f**cking abbreviating on their status'?

  2. i'm looking at this again and think i should probably have focused on her "tattoo on my heart" rhyme

  3. uhm yah... shut the hell up...