Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's been said that Gen Y-ers are notorious for being selfish, and I've always agreed. Like, announcing your birthday on Facebook: soooo Gen Y. But announcing your anniversary with Greenpeace? Is every day an honorary Hilary day in Hilary-land? What will we be celebrating tomorrow? The anniversary of the first day you realized how the TV remote control works?

Next time:

-Only announce the anniversary of your entrance into an organization if the organization is bizarre, such as the Compulsive Masturbation Assistance Group (CMAG).

-Wait. I don't care about that, either. Just don't announce the anniversaries of joining an organization at all. Only announce anniversaries that are important life milestones such as birth and death.

-Wait. I don't care about that, either. No self-anniversary announcements anymore, k?


  1. hey there folks...hilary of the annoying status here. a kind friend of mine clued me in that my status made it on this lovely blog. if you dont like reading someone's status, take them off your friend list...because you probably dont like them much anyway. please remove me from your friends, anonymous douchebag--because you clearly dont like me. and by the way--greenpeace is my EMPLOYER--not just an organization i belong to. i basically get ignored and/or insulted by people every day, and ive been doing it for a year--so i can handle it if i piss you off a bit on the internet. own up to it next time and dont just post it on an anonymous blog.

  2. hahahaha I bet that douchebag who wrote it has a small penis. And is a self-righteous Gen-X'er....and those douches need to get out of that movie Reality Bites...'cause they are a bunch of douches anyway. I love the word douche. So douche who loves to comment on your "friend's" status go suck your own penis. You'd probably have a better chance attempting to put your (small) penis in your mouth then cruising sites that the general populace doesn't know or care about. So go suck on your penis while you attempt to douche Mr. Gen X.