Wednesday, June 17, 2009


What on earth did Aaron do after he had a good workout before Facebook was invented? Run around town announcing at the top of his lungs his latest treadmill accomplishment? At least then I could have run him over with my car. Wow. That was too mean. But I'm annoyed.

I'm also skeptical. Do you have any idea how fast this is?


  1. I'm going to agree with being skeptical about his timing there, and even the fact that he went 8.65 miles. Mainly because...well...look at him in that picture. He's a bulky guy. I'm not saying he couldn't do it, just NOT that quickly...I wanna see him try and do it outside when he's NOT on the treadmill...he'll get some drag from the wind and it'll take him at least 62 minutes instead.

  2. hahaha. its true tho. treadmill is sooo much easier.

  3. This is also very topical, what with that football player who drunkenly hit someone with his car.