Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ricky's understanding of heterosexuality is like Borat's understanding of America. And his level of analysis only goes as deep as an equal sign. 

I'm going someplace you are not. = You are jealous. 
Beach. = Hot girls.
I like hot girls. = I am heterosexual.
I'm heterosexual = My place at the top of society is secure.

(Thanks to Chris for the submission!)


  1. Can we also point out his mistakes in this status?

    1: Assuming that he will in fact be attracting the hot girls is his first mistake. Considering his profile picture is of him face planting into first base, I'm going to assume thats as close to first base as he's going to get.

    2: He's going to Florida. The hot girls he's going to find out there are only hot because of the flashes they're experiencing as old age/retirement approaches.

    3: Hot girls + the beach = a good combo for those lesbian types too.

  2. there is so much wrong with this i don't even know what to say.

  3. That Lady Gaga has probably slept with this guy too?