Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This entire post is from the desk of our reader, J. J writes:

Dear lovely, blogging, and mildly judgmental friends,

Of all of the annoying statuses I see every day, this ranks among the most embarrassing. Dearest Halie, complete with her strange, period-costume profile picture, is apparently attempting to convey her nonchalance regarding her ex's engagement by...telling the world how over it she is.

Good luck with that, Halie.

Also, I'm rooting for Pam - let's hope her "Ouch!" is directed at Halie for being an over-sharer and in denial.


Thank you for the eloquent submission, J. Keep up the good work, and I won't even have to write anymore. I'll just sit back, sip my tea, entertain the Duchess in the parlor, and take up croquet, which is what I feel like doing after reading your very proper, neat wordage. Love you!


  1. erm...YSIA folk? I would recommend blurring out the last names here. Pam looks dangerous, and I wouldn't want her coming after you.

  2. oooo, touché. THANKS!

  3. I'm sorry, whats wrong with period costumes again?