Wednesday, September 9, 2009


You know what should go through your head when you almost get into a car accident doing something stupid? "Wow, that was a close one, I have to be more careful." I have had close calls too, but I always get down on my knees and thank God for saving my ass. Since when did drunk driving and texting while driving become cool? God doesn't have time to be saving everyones' stupid asses all over the place.

Most of the time when I see an annoying status I think, "she's not a bad person, she's just fallen victim to the ridiculousness of Facebook status updates." But I think this person is a bad person. A bad person with a pink slushy and a new Gucci purse.

(Thanks for the submission, R!)


  1. "is it wrong that i care more about my purse?"


  2. Further proof that people are actually as stupid as you never think they can be. Also another good reason for me never to move to LA. A city like that needs some more public transportation to keep these idiots off the road!

  3. Ya know i could say "FUCK YOU!" to just about every annoying status update.
    But that would get old.

  4. Maybe she already caused that 5 car pile up and is updating her status from her hospital bed. She sounds a little brain damaged.

  5. i think we can blame sex and the city for this "purses are forever" garbage

  6. You all act like you don't text/email/talk via cell while driving, give me a break!! HYPOCRITES, LOL! Love it though---> And if you know me, you'd know that I was joking about the 5 car pile up, however, Gucci is expensive.

    p.s. Thanks Rossy Saucy, I owe you one.

    p.s.s. The fact that you created this blog makes you a LOSER!!!

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  7. You think everyone texts while driving? Are you crazy? You are going to end up causing that 5 car pileup you LOSER! Stop bragging about your bad behavior and start driving like an adult instead of a 16 year old that just got her license. Or are you a 16 year old who just got her license?