Friday, September 11, 2009


You party animal, you! I didn't think it got much crazier than sitting in a room getting heckled by someone who gets paid to heckle people. And running into street musicians? How do you manage to do it all? But then you mention breaking Mta rules (and regulations.) Life. On. The. Wild. Side.

What were you doing, exactly? Not paying your fee? Destroying, soiling or tampering with property of the Authority? Obstructing the flow of traffic? Failing to relinquish a seat on a conveyance which has been designated as "Wheelchair Priority Seating"? Dumping garbage? Urinating? Occupying more than one seat?

Because those are the MTA Rules and Regulations. I looked them up. And breaking them sounds... not fun at all.


  1. Not to mention the fact that Parker started his status by keying in his own name, resulting in a nonsensical "Parker Parker wow what a night..." status.

    That's almost worst that keying an unnecessary 'is' into a status update.