Friday, April 17, 2009


You're wrong about the water, Kara. Everyone else is drinking entire handles of vodka and sleeping with the first person that hits on them at bars, not proclaiming their insecurities on Facebook, which is what you should do if you're looking for love. In fact, what are you doing on Facebook at 11:44 pm anyway? That is primo manhunting time! Get your dancing shoes on girl, and work it! But promise me you won't announce to every guy you meet that you forsee yourself living a solitary life of spinsterdom. So not hot.

This was a reader submission so I'm curious to know whether anyone commented on this update. Did Kara receive several marriage proposals (get her now, boys! she's going to be available... forever!) or did she just hear crickets? AWKWARDDDDDDDDDD.


  1. that "something in the water" is probably just "everyone is turning 25." but i feel kind of bad for her because she probably had to read a lot of annoying statuses from engaged people. :(

  2. Yeah, engaged people's statuses are far more annoying. Too, who is that creepy guy lurking in the background of her pic?

  3. Weird, the only thing worse than a serial blogger is someone that blogs about serial bloggers... You may now return to your mother's basement.