Friday, October 9, 2009


Get ready y'all, it's time for a FACEBOOK MONTAGE! That's right, whenever something so kick-ass or heinous happens and rocks your news feed like a computer virus that just won't quit, we report on it - nay - we MONTAGE it.

Here we have a small sampling of folks with a mixed reaction to the news that President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. While Kelly, clearly an avid peace-maker herself, is frustrated with the decision, Mark questions how this decision will affect Obama's adversaries. Jaymeeeeeeeee is just pissed that her girl Oprah lost (again!).

Me? I'm just happy that all these intelligent and independent thinkers have given me something to MONTAGE about.


  1. Somebody needs to Nobel peace prize Kelly for her creative use of Nobel peace prize as a verb.

  2. that MC hammer reference seems dated